Creating and Internet Safety poster with Wixie

Your objective is to create an Internet safety poster with 2 elements:
  1. Your Internet safety advice (a few examples: never share passwords, never reply to messages from people you don't know, ask permission before going on a Website).
  2. An image that supports your safety tip.
  1. As a class, we will login to Wixie.
  2. Watch Ms. Finn's short demonstration.
  3. Turn and talk with your neighbor for 1 minute about your tip.
  4. Add your text first ("T" tool in the top middle of your screen).
  5. Edit and move your text as you choose.
  6. Use the "Library" to find images that support your text, or draw your own image using the "Paint" button. You can use Backgrounds, Stickers or Pics 4 Learning to add images from the Library.
  7. Listen for Ms. Finn's time announcements to you are able to print your work (if you want to).