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The P: Drive
  • The P: Drive: Frequently Asked Questions about the P: drive, including how to save to the P: drive.
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML):
  • Learning HTML for Kids: Start reading Chapter 1. Click on the "Go to..." link at the bottom of each chapter to get to the next chapter. You will actually start creating a webpage in Chapter 4. Chapters 1-3 will make the rest of the tutorial a lot easier to understand. Where it refers to Netscape Navigator, we use Internet Explorer. Save everything to your P: drive.
  • HTML and CSS Tutorials: Includes beginner, intermediate and advanced tutorials for HTML and CSS. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a way to enhance your HTML.
Photoshop Elements Tutorials: Photoshop is the camera icon on your desktop. Save your projects to the P: drive. The instructions were written for older versions of Photoshop Elements. The directions and screen shots may vary slightly. Many of the following lessons require that you take digital photographs with a camera. You can use Google instead.
Flash Tutorials: Flash is used to create content and applications using Flash Player 8 features. Many interactive websites and games were made with Flash. Save your projects to your P: drive.
Fireworks Tutorials: Fireworks is similar to Photoshop